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Construction of UConn's new agricultural waste composting facility is complete! The facility is located in the Spring Manor Farm area, north of the prison and off of Route 32. It was sited by a Compost Facility Site Advisory Committee which considered hydrography, aquifer protection, the slope of the land, and population density in the siting process.

The facility is expected to see 10-15 trucks per week delivering solid manure and 1-2 trucks every other week delivering liquid manure.  There will also be large deliveries of leaves and other landscaping wastes, particularly during the late fall and early spring.

Please contact Paul Ferri, project coordinator, at 486-9295 with questions.

Progress as of May 2010:

The newly-completed compost facility
UConn farming in action near the compost facility
The newly delivered windrow turner from Austria

Pictures from the construction process:


Driveway from Route 32 entrance
Clearing the way for the compost facility
Laying down the concrete footing and grading

Facility Information
Benefits of Composting
Project History
How Would Composting Work at UConn?

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