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Workgroup Chair:

Rachael Shenyo
Sustainability Coordinator
Office of Environmental Policy




The UConn Recycling Workgroup is comprised of students, faculty, and staff interested in improving the campus recycling program. A membership list from 2009-2010 can be found below.

Past Initiatives have included:

Participation in Recyclemania

Campus Education & Outreach

Athletics Recycling Improvements

Give & Go Move-Out Program

Outdoor Recycling

Above: Two student volunteers proudly display one of many blue desk-side paper recycling bins purchased for distribution throughout the academic buildings.  An old, out-of-use, recycling bin is shown in the foreground.  New bins, selected based on their compact and sleek designs, have already shown to be more practical for use in high traffic locations. 

Download materials from past meetings:
November 18, 2009
Meeting Presentation (PPT)
March 25, 2009
Meeting Presentation (PPT)
November 20, 2008
Meeting Presentation (PPT)

Recycling Workgroup Membership: 2009-2010

Gene Roberts Director, Facilities Management
Ken Crowell Facilities Assistant Director
Dave Lotreck Facilities Management
Kevin Gray Building Superintendent, Custodial Services
Stefan Wawzyniecki Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Amy Crim ResLife Conference Housing Coordinator
Doug Goodstein Hall Director
Denise Beal Assistant Director, Dining Services
John Kuhl Area Manager. Dining Services
Brian Moore Area Manager, Dining Services
Rich Miller Director, Office of Env. Policy
Jennifer Sayers Sustainability Coordinator
Catherine Pomposi Student Intern, Env. Policy
Alison Lones Student Intern, Env. Policy
Laura Eichert Student Intern, Env. Policy
Carol Dyal Librarian
Tom DeVivo Vice President , Willimantic Waste
Tim DeVivo Treasurer, Willimantic Waste
Victoria Lindsey Sales Manager , Willimantic Waste
Virginia Walton Mansfield Recycling Director
Chuck Morrell Student Union Associate Director
Mike Kurland Director, Student Health Services
Vaughn Williams Executive Assistant, Division of Athletics
Katie Egloff Admin. Specialist, Division of Athletics
Wayne Landry Manager, Central Stores
Annemarie Ryan Secretary, Central Stores
Brenda Shaw Associate Professor, Chemistry
Nelly Abboud Associate Professor, Civil & Env. Engr.
Carol Davidge Publicity Marketing, Jorgensen
Mary Kegler Manager, Farm Services
Cornel Gaalswijk Operations Manager, UConn Co-Op
Marcia Firsick Marketing Manager, UConn Co-Op
Elizabeth Vitullo Ed. Assistant, Audit, Compliance & Ethics
Karolina Fucikova Graduate Student

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