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Outreach Related Awards

Power of Change Award

At the first annual Power of Change Award ceremony sponsored by the Common Sense Fund, the Hampshire Foundation, and the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, the University of Connecticut’s Office of Environmental Policy project team received the Power of Change Top Building Award for McMahon Dining Hall for innovative and effective efficiency efforts. A total of seven stateenergy efficiency projects including the University of Connecticut were celebrated as models for future projects.

“These seven Power of Change Award winners demonstrate the innovative ways Connecticut is meeting aggressive energy efficiency goals and are a promising example of how our state is taking an active role in driving a clean energy economy forward.”

- Stewart Hudson, Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation

Reclaimed Water Facility

The University of Connecticut was awarded the Engineering Excellence Award by the American Council for Engineering Companies in April, 2010 for the reclaimed water facility's water reuse and engineering services . It was also awarded the 2011 Institution of the year award by the Water Reuse Association at the 26th annual WateReuse Symposium for its innovation in establishing the first industrial water reuse project in Connecticut and providing a tangible lesson to students on living sustainably.   The Reclaimed Water Facility provides tertiary treatment of effluent from the University's adjacent sewage treatment plant and pumps the reclaimed water directly to our central utility plant/CoGen facility, for use as cooling water, and to certain athletic fields, for irrigation purposes. The treatment process uses microfiltration and ultraviolet disinfection, which will allow UConn to divert a maximum of 1 million gallons of non-potable – not drinkable – water each day to meet the aforementioned campus needs that don’t require fresh water. One of these needs is for the CoGen power plant, which uses anywhere between 250,000 and 450,000 gallons of cooling water each day, which is currently done using potable water. The reclaimed water facility will allow the University to use the treated non-potable water to meet this need instead, replacing the need to pump and treat hundreds of thousands of gallons of potable water from our two major water supply wellfields. The RWF is expected to be constructed and operational by December 2012/January 2013.

2008 Joshua's Trust Community Environmental Leadership Award

UConn's Environmental Policy Advisory Council (EPAC) and the Office of Environmental Policy (OEP) were selected as the recipient of a community environmental leadership award in the group category by Joshua's Trust, the regional land trust based in Mansfield and one of the largest and most influential local environmental organizations in the state. More than 50 faculty members, staff, and student and alumni representatives have served as members of EPAC over the years since its creation in 2003. Members are appointed by President Hogan and Provost Nichols to one- and two-year terms, and the group is advisory to senior administration.

For more information about Joshua's Trust visit: their website here.

Press coverage: Joshua's Trust Holds Annual Meeting

2008 Real Estate Exchange Green Building Award

In the 13th annual Connecticut Real Estate Awards held by The Real Estate Exchange in 2008, the Burton Family Football Complex and the Mark R. Shenkman Training Center recieved the Green Building Award. As a LEED Silver athletic facility, the complex is full of environmentally friendly freatures including an innovative infrared radiating heating, renewable flooring, and environmental furnishings. The building also has an advanced water management system which includes low flow showerheads and dual flush tiolets. From the exterior, the complex is surrounded by rain gardens, bioretention swales, reinforced porous surfaces, and exterior lighting that reduces light pollution from the building at night. The Burton Family Football Complex and the Mark R. Shenkman Training Center will be a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly athletics hub at the Storrs campus for many years to come.

2012 CTGBC Institutional Honor Award

In 2012, the University of Connecticut recieved the Institutional Honor Award from the Connecticut Green Building Council at its Green Building Awards ceremony for the newly built Laurel Hall (formerly the Classroom Building). The new academic building boasts energy efficient lighting, high-performance insulation, natural lighting, and a green roof to reduce run off and cut down on heating and cooling costs. Laurel Hall also has energy-saving window glazing, low-flow valves and faucets, and was built using rapidly renewable materials such as bamboo and recycled copper. On the outside, Laurel Hall is surrounded by porous pavers to encourage water infiltration and a bioretention swale full of drought-resistant and adaptable plants that capture and remove contaminants from runoff.

Environmental Expressions Contest

photos of the various entrants to the Environmental Expressions art competition.This contest was established during the 2006/2007 academic year to raise awareness of sustainability issues on campus and in the local community by encouraging students to submit creative works related to this theme. Students were also encouraged to look through literature to identify relevant selections. Additionally, this contest was intended to make students aware of the OEP website as a valuable resource.

View our 2006/2007 Contest Winners


Cash prizes in each category were as follows:

Short Essay or Poem 1st- $75 2nd-- $50 3rd-- $25
Slogan or Snapshot 1st--$50 2nd-- $25 3rd-- $10
Quotation or Lyrics 1st--$25 2nd-- $10 3rd--$5

Prizes also included merchandise and services from area businesses.