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Presidents' Climate Commitment

Former University President Hogan signing the Presidents' Climate Commitment, which committed UConn to trying to lower its carbon footprint to zero by the year 2050.
Former University President Hogan making the University of Connecticut a signatory to the Presidents' Climate Commitment, which signifies UConn's efforts to be climate neutral by 2050.

On March 25, 2008 University of Connectict President, Michael Hogan, signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment (PCC).  The PCC recognizes the unique responsibility that institutions of higher education have as role models for their communities and in training the people who will develop the social, economic and technological solutions to reverse global warming.  By signing the Commitment the President Hogan has pledged that the University of Connecticut will eliminate the Storrs campus’ greenhouse gas emissions over time.

“Public universities have a unique opportunity to take leadership in efforts to reduce our society’s ecological footprint...UConn already has a proven track record in environmental sustainability, owing to the energies and expertise of our dedicated faculty, staff, and students.  Signing the PCC and agreeing to do our part in curbing carbon emissions formalizes our ongoing commitment to playing a leadership role in environmental stewardship.”

~ Michael Hogan, President, 
University of Connecticut

In order to sign the PCC, the University first had to create a Climate Action Plan (CAP), which would describe what steps would be taken to reach climate neutrality by 2050. The CAP was created by Climate Action Task Forces (CATFs), which was an eight member panel appointed by then-President Hogan to cover five categories of emission sources and strategies.

The University also had to perform multiple greenhouse gas inventories, such as one for the year 1990 to establish a baseline for intermediate goals and one for 2007, the year previous to the signing of the commitment. The greenhouse gas inventories are a compilation of all the greenhouse gas emissions created by the University in a given year and are compiled for each year and are reported to the PCC every other year.