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Update: The BSC Group, a transportation engineering firm, was recently awarded a contract to produce a comprehensive plan for campus bicycle routes, based on Department of Transportation (DOT)requirements. Preliminary drawings have been created (as of July 2010) and are under DOT review. The drawings and other materials will be available through this website once the approval process has been completed.

The rest of this page is intended to archive the work of students, faculty, and staff in the Institute for Transportation Engineers during the 2004-2005 academic year. Much of their work has since served as an informal Campus Bicycle Plan which will be consulted by the BSC Group in their engineering process.


Campus Bicycle Network Survey

Fall 2004


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In an effort to assess the current attitudes towards bicycling on campus,

the Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE) student chapter on campus (see workgroup list below for member names) collected over 2100 surveys this past fall from UConn faculty, staff and students.  After compiling and analyzing the resulting data, the ITE made a formal presentation to the Univeristy Building & Grounds Committee as well

as the Master Planning Advisory Council (MPAC) to include bicycling in the future planning of the University. 

CBN Plan Team Presentation to the MPAC  (May 5, 2005)

Proposed Campus Bicycle Plan Network (May 2005)


  • Develop a Bike Network (Roads, Paths, Lanes) -- 73% of respondents supported
  • Add Bike Racks closer to buildings -- 68% of respondents supported
  • Add overnight commuter lot storage -- 64% of respondents supported
  • Create ‘Free Bike’ Loan Programs -- 62% of respondents supported


To further raise awareness around this important sustainability issue, the students of ITE and the students of the EcoHusky Student Group are going to be holding a Uconn Bike Plan Support Ride on April 14, 2005.  The support ride will be open to anyone who is interested in participating -- University students/staff/faculty as well as local community members -- and will begin behind Horsebarn Hill.  The actual course for the ride is still being determined.  The Office of Environmental Policy and the individuals involved in this event hope that this gathering of cyclists will help raise awareness of the need for future plans to include accommodations for cyclists.  It is our belief that, expecting cyclists to either share the road with cars or expecting them to share the sidewalks with pedestrians are unsafe solutions to this problem.  Cycling is an important way to reduce motor vehicle traffic on campus and in turn reducing air pollution. 

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Project Goals


  1. Raise awareness on campus for the importance of considering alternative transportation ideas, especially in campus and urban settings.
  2. Demonstrate the demand and need for a bicycling plan for future campus planning.
  3. Work to influence campus planners to consider developing a bike lane on roads, especially on new North Eagleville Road Extension.
  4. Raise awareness of competition problems between bicycles, cars, and pedestrians.

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     Past Project Workgroup Members:

Name Dept.
Lisa Aultman-Hall Ct Transportation Institute; Engineering Faculty
Chet Arnold Cooperative Extension Services
Stephanie Centofonti* Engineering Grad. Student (*01/05 - )
Janet Freniere Transportation & Parking Services Adminstrator
Norman Garrick Civil & Environmental Engineering Faculty
John Ivan Engineering Faculty
Eric Jackson Institute for Transportation Engineering; Graduate Engineering student)
Craig Jordan* Institute for Transportation Engineering; Engineering Undergrad . Student (*09/05-05/05)
Jessica Kukielka OEP Intern; Agricultural & Resource Economics Undergrad. Student
Jeff LaMondia* Institute for Transportation Engineering; Engineering Undergrad . Student (*09/05-05/05)
Stephanie Mather Institute for Transportation Engineering; Engineering Undergrad . Student (*09/05-05/05)
Rich Miller Office of Environmental Policy (OEP), Director
Dan Mullins* OEP Intern; UConn Law student (*09/05 - 04/05)
Meghan Ruta* OEP Staff; Geography Grad. Student (*09/04-09/05)

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UConn Campus Bicycle Plan

Recommendations Fall 2005

  1. Adopt a Proposed Campus Bicycle Network Map developed by UConn Transportation Engineering students and incorporate it, together with associated planning principles, into the University Master Plan and appropriate construction guidelines in order to ensure cost-effective development of the network (road striping, signage, etc.):
    • 5’ wide bike lanes on larger roads (e.g., N. Hillside Rd.)
    • 3’ to 4’ wide “sharrows,” or road shoulders marked for bicycle use, on smaller roads (e.g., Glenbrook Rd.)
    • Signed “Share the Road” roadways on lower-volume roads (e.g., Mansfield Rd.)
    • Multi-use paths (e.g., Fairfield Way, Mansfield busway)
    • Bicycle-friendly storm drain grates and stairs
    • Publish Campus Bike Route Maps with safety precautions
  2. Install 25 new outdoor bike racks and implement a program to identify and replace damaged or poor condition bike racks
  3. Install covered or enclosed overnight commuter storage racks at two locations (Landfill lot and W-lot) as a pilot program
  4. Establish and administer a bike loan program modeled after successful programs at U. of New Hampshire and U. of Rhode island
  5. Establish and operate an on-campus bicycle services shop for students, faculty and staff

Proposed New Bike Rack Locations

  1. Between Hale/Ellsworth Residence Halls
  2. (2) Mansfield Apartments -- in the front and the rear of the complex
  3. McMahon -- main entrance
  4. Putnam Dining Hall
  5. Outside Northwest Dining Hall
  6. Towers Dining Hall
  7. (3) Towers Residence Halls 
  8. Wilbur Cross
  9. Jorgenson
  10. New Pharm/Biol Building
  11. Young Building Main entrance -- replace the existing rack
  12. ATL Building 
  13. Biophysics
  14. MSB
  15. Benton Museum
  16. (2) West Residence Halls -- currently there are no racks in West
  17. CLAS Building
  18. CUE Building
  19. Beach Hall -- on side of the building adjacent to the large field
  20. Parking Services -- replace existing rack and relocate to main entrance
  21. Gentry

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