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Recyclemania at UConn:

Who knew recycling could get so competitive?


Recyclemania 2008 2009 2010 


Make sure you know what you can recycle!

Check out  the UConn Recycling Guidelines



Recyclemania 2010!

Recyclemania 2010 is officially over!

Here are UConn's final rankings in the competition:
(Click here for full results)

Grand Champion:
221 out of 267, Cumulative Recycling rate: 17.19%

Per Capita Classic:
121 out of 346, recycling 13.01 pounds per person!

Gorilla Prize:
44 out of 346, we've recycled 343280 pounds total!

Waste Minimzation:
161 out of 199 -- each person has wasted 75.69 of trash during the competition.

1. Rutgers
2. Georgetown
4. St. John's
. Villanova
. UConn
7. South Florida

Good job, UConn! We recycled slightly more than last year, but also wasted more! Next year, let's show the nation how green UConn really is!

The following items ARE recyclable:

Cardboard sleeves on hot beverage containers

Envelopes (even with the plastic window)

Post-it notes

Paper that is stapled or paper-clipped

Soft & hard cover books

Plastic containers from the Union or the UC Cafes

2009 Competition Results:
How the Huskies Measured up in 2009!

Grand Champion:
166 out of 206 schools
Recycled 17.89% of our waste

Per Capital Classic:
127 out of 293 schools
We recycled 12.19 pounds of items per person

Waste Minimization:
106 out of 148 schools
Wasted 68.14 pounds of trash per person

Gorilla Prize:
43 out of 293 schools
This means we recycled 323290 pounds of items during the competition

Targeted Materials:
Paper: 29 out of 204
10.6 pounds of paper recycled per person
Cardboard: 199 out of 204
.31 pounds of cardbaord recycled per person
Bottles and Cans: 118 out of 210
1.27 pounds of cans and bottles recycled per person

   Some other schools' standings in the Grand Champion category:
6th Place: Rutgers University
27th Place: Connecticut College
48th Place: Georgetown University
57th Place: University of Hartford
75th Place: University of Notre Dame
76th Place: Harvard University
145th Place: Yale University
166th Place: University of Connecticut
196th Place: University of Tennessee
203rd Place: Texas A&M University

Let's beat this next year, Huskies!

2008 Competition Results:

How the Huskies Measured Up

January 27-April 5, 2008

Per Capita Classic:
Which school can collect the largest amount of acceptable recyclables per person?

81st out of 180

15.52 lbs of cumulative recyclables per person

Which school can recycle the highest gross tonnage, regardless of campus population?

32nd out of 200!

38,7664.40 lbs total!

Targeted Material: Paper:
Which school can recycle the largest amount of paper?

50th out of 163 schools

8.70 lbs/person

Targeted Material: Cardboard
Which school can recycle the largest amount of cardboard?

71st out of 160 schools

5.23 lbs/person

Targeted Material: Cans & Bottles
Which school can recycle the largest amount of cans and bottles?

79th out of 161 schools

1.59 lbs/person.


We may not have come in first, but we participated and were in the top 50% or better for all categories

- that's a great start for a first try!

Excellent Job Huskies!


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